Broad Functions of Local Medical Committees (LMC’s):

To seek and represent the spectrum of GP views.

To acquire wide ranging expertise to support GP’s.

To advise GP’s and practices on anything relevant and within LMC competence.

To help GP’s in difficulty through ill-health, poor performance and relationships with colleagues.

To disseminate usable guidance on all issues of relating to GP activity.

To advise organisations both inside and outside the NHS on all GP matters.

To troubleshoot areas that affect GP’s ability to perform their job enjoyably and well.

To facilitate earning opportunities for GP’s.

To raise the profile of general practice and promote the worth of GP’s.

To seek to limit any damage to GP interests resulting from the decisions of others.

To manage selected bulk discount schemes.

To defend the profession's views when those of others conflict with what we believe is in our patients' best interests.

To represent local GP practice views nationally.

Broad Functions of Local Medical Committees (LMC’s):

The LMC is funded by capitation based contributions (the local LMC Levy) from GP Practices, of both contractual types (GMS and PMS). In addition, GP’s are asked to contribute to a national levy, which is used to finance the LMC's contribution to the national GMS Defence Fund. This pays for the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) of the BMA. PCT payment agencies are authorised via a signed mandate to deduct the LMC levy at source from practice income. Some self employed locum GP’s elect to pay a levy themselves if they have no allegiance to one practice.

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